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The name's Chris. I'm a 22 year old hermit who's into gaming, writing, reading, anime, manga, etc. Rise Kujikawa is my dearest waifu and you can't have her. Shit's gonna get NSFW every now and then on this blog.
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If you’re not into TLOU and you’re following me, I feel really bad for you.

TLOU Remastered - Marlene

TLOU Remastered - Joel and Tess

TLOU Remastered - Stages of Infection

TLOU Remastered - Boston QZ

TLOU Remastered - Sarah’s Death

TLOU Remastered - Up In Flames

TLOU Remastered - Happy Birthday

TLOU Remastered - Jimmy 

Started TLOU Remastered last night! Actually spent more time on Photo Mode than I did actually playing the game, so I have hundreds of screenshots to share. Game looks better than ever!